Re: Question about old debt

Write to the credit bureaus – each of the big three and ask them to remove it in 2 months. Document everything and make them sign for your written request.

The collection agency can not start the clock again. The Fair Debt Collection practice does stop that. They have to deal with the original date.

Ive appreciated so much of the advice Ive read for the past few months. So thanks to all of you! Now my question…

I recently received a collection letter in the mail for an unpaid balance I owe to Book of the Month club,which is supposedly from 2004! So Im wondering why they have waited 4 years to pursue this and if I should be concerned about it affecting my credit report.

They are offering a payoff amount and its only about $40. I’m tryin to get my credit cleaned up so Id hate for something this small to affect that.. its just the fact that its from 2004 that is making me wonder a bit. Can anyone shed any light on why this would come up now? I am a member of the book club currently and in good standing,which also makes me wonder why they didnt mention any of this when I signed up 2 yrs ago. hmm?

I would call the club’s CS AND ask them. Don’t send anything to them untill you get a response about this. If you’ve been a member all this time, under the same member number, something’s fishy…. Err ‘Phishy’…!