Re: My mom said I am insane to marry him because of debt

My advice would be pay 6000.00 towards your cc debt. Then transfer your balance to 0% and save on interest….Pay down your debt first before buying other things. You’ll be glad you did…

I think id be quite concerned about marrying someone who is so deeply in debt and easily willing to dive into more debt. He owes 16,000, and wants a big wedding? I understand the desire to spend less on the heating since thats a necessity and would help. I really am not sure how you should spend the tax return but I would most definitely put off the wedding. Why dont you both make a serious commitment to paying down the debt? This way your start your marriage on a good note, prove to yourselves and your families that you can do this. Making decisions together financially is a huge part of a good marriage. If you guys dont see eye to eye on this its going to be a long and rough road.

I also wondered about this. Reminds me of a caller to the Dave R show, her husband wants a house, and he wants it now, but they (Mainly HE) owes so much and she’s from a poorer family and knows how NOT to spend on things.

This is turning out to be she is not a ‘wife’ but is a Mommy. She said he does go to POUT and whine mode if he doesn’t get his way, and this to me is abhorrent. Be very careful with this. Court house wedding or not, he should be happy as heck to find a love with you and not give a darn about how big a wedding is. I know many a huge wedding *I* served in as bride’s maid, entertainer, and attendee, and all but ONE ended in less than 3 years by divorce.

He should get out of this debt, or if it was his wife drumming all that up, petition HER for payment too, then you guys can have something to Play House with.