My mom said I am insane to marry him because of debt

marriageHi all,

wow where to even start….I hope I don’t confuse you all by this…

My fiance and I have been together for just over 2 yrs now. he wants to get married in Oct of ’09, to me it don’t matter cuz I am not going anywhere. He has 16,000 in cc debt due to a bad divorce. My mom said I am insane to marry him with so much debt and we should wait til it is paid down or off.

He just got done doing taxes and is receiving about 6,000, but the only problem is that we also want to get an outdoor woodburner (cost is about 8000) to help on heating costs. with the price of propane it was 1500 for us this year to heat and its only going to get worse so he thinks getting a woodburner will help out (we can get free and very cheap wood). I know it will but would really like to get rid of the cc debt.

Now one advantage of us actually getting married next year would be that we can file married and we would get more in eic cuz I have 2 kids right now that he will be able to claim, but it will also put us behind on paying more off on cc debt cuz we will need money to pay for the wedding (he wants a nice wedding cuz his last was in the courthouse).

we have a chance to transfer to a 0% for a year cc and our bank told us to do it. I didn’t tell her about the 6,000 from taxes we are getting back. should I pay off 2 of the cc’s and then transfer the others or is it best to transfer all of them and then pay a sum on it that way? does anyone know any idea what kind of savings will I have made doing either of the 2 ways or won’t it matter either way? this will all be done in the next week as we will have the 6000 by then, that is if he decides to pay on them or purchase the woodburner.

I am up in the air on what to do. I want to save as much as we can in all directions, but I am really getting stressed out since I am the one that takes care of all the bills. Any advice is greatly appreciated and will give me lots to think over and see what our best route will be. thanks so much in advance!