Re: Good idea here

I work for SSI program so I do sympathize with you-they penalize you if you have anything of value and of course, COAs do nearly match our current inflation rate.
Why not try a Habitat Reuse center, they have all sorts of building materials that they have xtras of. A good majority of the house materials are donated NEW, for the Habitat home program.

On the other hand, you could always try to earn ‘undocumented’ earnings. I know of a few who keep a step ahead of SSI, about that.

I did go to that for a window, but what I brought home was so bad, no screen, wrong type… nuthin’ like what we actually needed and we would up having to buy a new window. Flooring is in VERY high demand and if you’re not at their center when it’s there, with a car or some way to get it home, you’re out of luck.

When I go to our local one, it is like no one helps you, and when you have a vision problem, that is not a good thing.

My buddy who is a contractor can get the materials and such at cost, but it is the actual saving up for the initial outlay. Short of cutting a hole in my mattress and stashing any cash there, I hate that because too easy for other things o come take it away… a big bill, some other thing like yesterday with the window crack’d and all…

While I do appreciate SSI and what it DOES do, I wish they’d fix that limit. that is from years ago and with everyone shouting that ‘one is only 2 paychecks away from homelessness!’ and ‘but you should have 6 months’ expenses saved up!!!’… back then, $3,000.00 would have been fine. Now people are incredulous that I live on a grand a month :-\ because the monthly income out here is about $2,200-2,500.00. I am very fortunate to own my home, but I guess I’m in hopes of a better savings limit. We’re all trying to live debt-free, but when one isn’t allowed to save over a certain amount, it’s pretty tough to do. I even had to apply for a loan online.

I also do try to earn a little “sumthin’-sumthin’ ” on the side, but it’s never very much. My P/T job is reliable and also fun so I am mostly ‘legal’ (!)