Good idea here

I have one for you all…

I’m in Part time work and receive SSI for blindness of premature birth.

My income is roughly $15,500 a year from work and $3,072.00 from SSI.

When I get a little money ahead, something comes along: I had had hopes of knocking off one whole debt with my tax break, but the dog’s boosters are due, and while cleaning the windows today, I found one pane is cracked top to bottom in the roommate’s room. About $120.00 (I’m guessing until tomorrow when I can call the glaziers shop) to fix.

Bang goes that hope of one less debt, but at least I will not incur MORE debt by just paying the needs here.

My situation is: I am only ‘allowed’ to have $3,000.00 in savings or cash etc, under SSI.

So it begs the question:

When I get this ‘frakking’ debt gone and want to get new floors in my house, is it better to get a bunch saved up and purchase a gift card or something for the floor fixings? To do my whole house as wished (Generic ‘pergo’ and tiles) it will be around $6,000-8,000.00. If I try to save that much, SSI would take away my benefits.

[Note that outside of the actual money I receive from them, I am also under the Medi-Cal system. Losing medical would pretty much kill me off with my health issues, so I have to be somewhat cagey about getting the floors without saving “too much” or getting a stupid credit card or something later.]

The other alternative would be to pay off the signature-closed-end-loan to my credit union and apply for another one when I am free of my debts. At 11% or less interest, it’s one way to pay the floor fixings and installer off in one go and pay them pack on the terms the FCU set. I’d thought of doing one room at a time, but I always fear getting mismatches and ‘discontinued’ (Having to go with another style/colour/whatever). I had had hopes of getting this all done in one go and not live in a shambles for the rest of my life.

What would you do if in my place?