One more down Debt death!

A $180.00 bill will be gone on friday!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! I will be using my ESP ($600.00) from the IRS to pay off Penny’s soonest of all

  • Next is Penny’s, 3 months projected to death freeing up $100+
  • LOC at Downey 6 months projected till death freeing up $80.00 what I usually pay
  • K-designs (GEMoney) 15 months projected until death freeing up $82.00
  • My kinecta closed end loan 20 months projected… Freeing up $200.00 minimum/Month
  • Target 20 months till gone, freeing up minimum $60.00
    Kinecta Credit card 30 months…. if not sooner

They may work out more quickly than I have here, getting a few more hours at work and also done a couple of music gigs for money too. I’ll be having a sale here too to de-clutter and raise a few bucks as well.

Once my tax return has been received I plan to put a $1,000 on my very large BankAmerica account which is currently at 15.99% and growing. I am currently signed up for a free online personal finance course so that I can develop a budget. Never having done one, I am making baby steps, and hopefully will be out of debt before I retire.

I would be interested in the website for the free online personal finance course if you are willing to share it with the blog.

Sure, It’s You may start by watching this video: