Does Debt Consolidation/Debt Settlement Even Work?

Came across a site offering this, does it even work? Trying to get out of debt but there are so many scams out there I don’t know what’s what. Thanks in advance.

My husband & I contacted a debt relief company last week. I did a background check on them & they have been with the BB for 5 years. Here is a small background of our situation:

We owed a whopping $90,000.00 in unsecured debt. We did a lot of home improvements, especially our driveway, it was nothing but pebbles. We redid the main bathroom, etc., etc. Then we took a bunch of vacations to Europe throughout the years. So needless to say we were drowning in debt. I got low interest rates, consolidated loans & we were still drowning. The CC companies kept raising the minimum payments higher & higher.

We signed on the dotted line. I have never felt so relieved. No more interest, stress, just pure relief. They told us to keep one CC for emergencies & believe it or not we had a card with a ZERO balance.

Granted you have to pay them a fee… but what we were paying in interest fees, this fee doesn’t hold a candle to what I would be paying for years to come.

It was a pleasure to sit down the other day & cut up all my CC cards into little shreds… Yippie, we are headed to be debt free for the rest of our lives. The process takes between two to three years.

So what happens today, our washing machine bit the dust. But since we didn’t have to pay our CC’s this month we could pay cash. What a great feeling.

Also, answering your question – It works as long as you change your behaviors moving forward….Congratulations on attacking the debt and good luck!!!